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  • Family Law

    Representation including uncontentsted and contested divorces, paternity actions, adoption, child support, spousal maintenance, property division, child custody and visitation.

  • Collaborative Divorce

    Collaborative Law is a shared belief that it is in the best interests of the parties and their families in typical family law matters to be committed to avoiding litigation and court-imposed resolutions. In essence, a collaborative divorce depends on an atmosphere of honesty, cooperation, integrity and professionalism geared toward the future well being of the family.

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    Estate Planning

    Basic estate planning packages. including-Wills, Trusts, durable power of attorney,living will, community property agreement.


  •      Thank you! Your dedication, persistence, and tenacity was instrumental in salvaging what otherwise would have been a one-sided battle were I facing this alone.

  •     Sarah- Thank you for your compassion and hard work. I really appreciate all that you have done to strategically finalize my divorce without trial. What a long Haul! You are a very smart attorney!

  •     Dear Sarah, Thanks for all of your knowledgable and timely help! Thank you. In all of these years of counselling... we keep re-addressing the same issues; so I'm sure I'll be back. I appreciate your help.